Care for Our World Project

During the previous week, we were happy to invite our children to learn more about how to care for our world.

We had five days of amazing Celebrations, and our students have had so many interesting things to learn about our Planet

International Day of Happiness (Happy to live on Earth)
International Forestry Day
International Water Day
World Meteorological Day
Celebrating the Spring return of the birds

The Earth has everything we need to live, but we need to take care of the Earth so it can keep giving us what we need. Is up to us to do everything possible to protect and care for our environment. There are plenty of ways to be green and make choices that help our planet, and you don’t have to be a grown-up to make eco-friendly choices!

Conserving the Earth’s natural resources, and start doing little things like protecting the forests, recycling, and saving water, are important so people living decades after us can still enjoy living on our amazing planet.

We believe that awareness is the first step to change, and it is our duty to teach our children the first lessons of protecting the Earth. By protecting the Planet, we ensure a future for the next generations!

The Earth is what we all have in common and we should do every day anything we can in order to protect it.