Communication with parents

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Parents and teachers are partners in the learning process of children and in their preparation for life. At Pick Me Academy, communication with parents is permanent, oriented towards the child’s developmental needs and is carried out both traditionally and through online platforms.

The moments of handing over and picking up the child are the daily contact points where, on the one hand, the teachers share information about the activities and condition during the day, and on the other hand, the parents send us useful information at the beginning of the day

The school’s communication application

It is the communication tool both from the school/kindergarten to the family, and vice versa. Parents can find all the necessary information to keep up to date with school life:

Academic calendar
Absent reporting
Medical information
Policies and procedures

Progress report

Made on the basis of observations during a semester, being loaded into the school’s communication application. The teaching staff completes a progress report twice a year, later establishing a meeting to evaluate the child’s progress between the parents and the coordinating teacher;

Social networks (Facebook/Instagram)

On our Facebook/Instagram pages, parents can find the most relevant images from the activities carried out both inside and outside the school.