Entering kindergarten marks a significant milestone in a child’s journey, fostering important social and emotional growth while often presenting challenges. During this fundamental period, parents and teachers collaborate to ensure a smooth transition, striving to create an enriching and welcoming environment for young learners as they embark on this new chapter of their lives.

The integration method

The Pick Me Academy team promotes gentle accommodation, emphasizing the importance of patience as the duration of adjustment varies from child to child, spanning from a few weeks to several months. Parents play a crucial role in recognizing the significance of kindergarten in their child’s optimal development and maintaining a realistic outlook on their adaptability. Encouraging a positive attitude towards kindergarten, demonstrating composure and assertiveness in handling any protests from the child, and being receptive to their natural expression of negative emotions, including crying, are key aspects supported and facilitated by the academy. Validating the child’s emotions while maintaining consistency in attending kindergarten without negotiation is highlighted.

The first days in the community

On the first day, the parent will bring the child at the appointed time and will stay with him for about 5-10 minutes. Following this brief period, the child will move on to spending time with the teacher in either the classroom or the kindergarten playground, exploring the surroundings together for approximately 30 minutes. Over the ensuing days, the duration of the child’s stay in kindergarten may be extended solely based on their willingness and interest in the teacher’s activities. Our aim is to facilitate a gradual and seamless adjustment process, allowing children to adapt and feel at ease in their new environment. Ensuring that the provided contact number is accurate is essential for parents to receive prompt notification in the event that the child experiences distress.