Primary School Curriculum

We are learning today for the jobs of the future

Creativity, passion and innovation in education

The guiding principles

Education for mind and soul

Curriculum Pick Me Academy combines the ideas of traditional Romanian pedagogy and methods with the essential principles of British education. Pick Me Academy is authorized by ARACIP, and the British accreditation offered by COBIS enriches the children’s learning experience. Teachers promote learning through play, exploration, projects and extracurricular activities.

Pick Me Academy brings to the fore a rich unique curriculum that places great emphasis on both fundamental disciplines and children’s development through art, personal, social and emotional development. English serves as a cornerstone of our students’ daily interactions, seamlessly woven into every aspect of their learning journey. Our students embrace English as an essential tool for effective communication, both orally and in writing. They exude confidence in expressing themselves fluently and articulately, thanks to the immersive English environment fostered within our institution.

Projects and partnerships are an essential aspect, in this way relationships are valued and seen as an extremely important part in the development of each child. We strongly believe in the school-family-community partnership, all of which have the child at the center of attention. All our actions aim to do what is right for the children.

The planned activities aim to promote the concept of global development, which aims to encompass all important aspects of the complete development of children, in accordance with age and individual particularities.

The team of teachers consists of professionals in the field of education, ready to be the best partners for children in the learning process.  Through their experience, teachers manage to create learning contexts adapted to educational objectives, but also to current generations of students.

Curriculum areas

Learning in the classroom and outside it.

Learning unfolds within dynamic, imaginative outdoor settings, as we firmly uphold the notion that outdoor environments harbor diverse avenues for learning exploration.

  • Romanian;
  • English;
  • Phonics;
  • English as Additional Language;
  • German;
  • Math;
  • Natural Sciences;
  • Math in English;
  • Cross Curricular (History, Science, Arts);
  • Civic Education (starting with the third grade);
  • History of Romanians (starting with the fourth grade);
  • Geography of Romania (starting with the fourth grade);
  • Physical education;
  • Music;
  • Visual arts and practical skills;
  • Public Speaking;
  • Personal Development.

Unique elements of the curriculum

Education adapted to the needs of children and parents

  1. In addition to the national curriculum, our students are involved in a multitude of activities proposed by the British curriculum, taught in English. In order to achieve the best results in these classes, our students need a good understanding of English, as well as fluent English language skills;
  2. Our school’s English: As an Additional Language program supports those who join the Pick Me Academy community, creating the premises for an easy adaptation to the school’s schedule and curriculum;
  3. The proposed activities target all specific aspects: vocabulary development through games, activities to improve oral expression, creative activities aimed at a good use of reading and writing skills;
  4. Students in the preparatory class have English: As an Additional Language classes as an integral part of their daily schedule to form the basis for the years to come;
  5. If the situation requires it, regardless of age level, depending on the needs of children, special classes are organized for children who need extra support in learning English.

An essential part of the curriculum are projects involving children, parents, community members, under the expert guidance of teachers:

  1. Thematic weeks (green week, different school, care for our world, asteroid week);
  2. Workshops with parents;
  3. My parent- my hero project;
  4. Theme days;
  5. Multidisciplinary projects;
  6. Projects in collaboration with local authorities: police, firefighters;
  7. Intercultural projects (National Day of Romania, Diwali, Remembrance Day, St. Patrick’s Day).
  1. Pick Me Academy Primary School organizes a multitude of exciting and enlightening extra-curricular activities. These activities are carefully designed and to provide students with varied opportunities for development and learning outside of regular academic hours. Within this educational framework, students benefit from a wide range of cultural and artistic experiences;
  2. Theatre performances, for example, introduce them to the fascinating world of performing art, allowing them to develop their communication skills, creativity and self-confidence. Furthermore, students are encouraged to join circus shows to have fun and try out new skills in physical activities. It is an amazing way for them to discover their hidden talents and enjoy themselves;
  3. Learning is also stimulated through visits to museums and libraries, where students can discover the richness of knowledge and explore diverse topics. These cultural excursions not only help them broaden their horizons, but also develop their curiosity and critical spirit;
  4. In addition, Pick Me Academy Primary School offers opportunities to spend leisure time in an active and recreational way. Day trips are a great way to explore the surroundings of the city, learn through experience and socialize with colleagues. Also, summer camps and ski camps offer the opportunity to get involved in outdoor activities, improve sports skills and develop lasting friendships;
  5. Through these varied and well-planned extra-curricular activities, Pick Me Academy Primary School aims to provide students with a holistic education that stimulates their intellectual, emotional and social development. We strongly believe that extracurricular activities bring not only joy to children’s souls, but are true formative experiences that help students develop key competences, promote independence, creativity, prosocial attitudes, team spirit.

Evaluation methods

Healthy habits for life exams

In the Pick Me Academy Primary School, we strongly believe that evaluations must have a formative role, so that they help children in their own development.

The evaluations are announced by the teachers, we do not want to surprise the students with the applied tests. Also, not all evaluations will be completed with a note in the catalog, but there will also be moments when the evaluations have a confirmatory, diagnostic or prognostic role.

Twice a year, a complex evaluation report is drawn up for the students, in which both the degree of fulfillment of the educational objectives are specified, but also detailed comments of the teachers regarding the children’s progress will be found. Following this progress report, discussions are established with the class teacher, but also with the specialized teachers.

At the Pick Me Academy Primary School, the students do not have daily homework, the students being able to assimilate all the necessary information during the time spent in our school. However, we believe it is very important to make children responsible, that’s why students receive short weekend homework, depending on the developmental needs of each child.

For the subjects that supplement the National Curriculum, the marking system used in the Pick Me Academy Primary School is Two Stars and a Wish.

Summer Camp in Pick Me Academy

Relaxation but also a bit of knowledge

summer (5)
summer (4)
summer (3)
summer (2)

The summer period is a long-awaited period for Pick Me Academy students, because it comes with special, creative projects and full of fun activities for our children.

Pick Me Academy students can enroll in our Summer Camp program every summer and benefit from the most interesting learning and fun experiences.

During the summer, the proposed activities are thought in the form of weekly projects, and all activities are designed in accordance with the theme of the week.

The learning experiences of the Summer Camp are completed by thematic days, Friday Water Fun, walks in the nearby parks, thematic excursions.