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Agricultori Street no. 79


Monday Friday ,
8.00 – 18.00


The premises of our school offer excellent conditions for the socio-emotional development of children both in the classroom and outside. The Pick Me Academy Primary School operates in Strada Agricultori no. 79, being located 800m from the kindergarten headquarters in Strada Sublocotenent Pompiliu Manoliu and 2km from the one in Strada Spatarul Nicolar Milescu no. 55.

The school has 1100m2 of interior space and 600m2 of courtyard. There are 12 classrooms and two laboratories with surfaces between 35 and 50 m2, each classroom being equipped with a smart board, white board, adaptive furniture, ergonomic chairs, antistatic PVC floors. The gym is equipped with sports flooring, trellis, mirror and ballet barre, mattresses and specific equipment. In addition to the educational spaces, we have a library, a dining room, a relaxation area and a medical office.

The courtyard is structured in such a way as to offer multiple play areas: 3×3 basketball court, mini football court, running track, walls with activities, creative area, playground.

Orientation: Mihai Bravu, Piata Muncii, Piata Iancului


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